Tuesday, December 23, 2003

another case of 304

as mentioned earlier I have this mild fascination with the number 304...I mentioned the apt. in "Bruce Almighty" and the 304 appearing in La Femme Nakkita...now my son has handed me a pencil that is a "Dixon Laddie 304"...weird...
What's going on...

Well...let's see...I have a series of back drops for a play due before yesterday or else my boss will attempt to kill me...got em done for the most part...then there is the show at the MOCHA ROOM in Decatur that I need to hang Jan. 2, 2004, and the Jan. Saint Francis Faculty show at Art Link...not to mention the editing and other stuff...like family...

Friday, December 19, 2003

Okay, okay...so it isn't really that bad...

I guess there is probablyy more than twenty pages of good stuff in first gate...but I'm really thinking about either a) making it into a short story or b) a graphic novel...either way it will at one time get out there to be read sooner or later...wow...was I depressed last night or what? After posting last night i finished a landscape...very excited.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


It's been one of those weeks...computer problems...printers without ink...job assignments that go above and beyond my initial job description...and a landscape painting show at the mocha room in decatur to be hung Jan 1, 2004...not even close to being ready for it...I reread First Gate...the failed NANO-challenge...ACK!! Hack!! Hork!!! hairball...If I remove all of the bad stuff I could have a 20page short story...might actually try that...bummed....

Sunday, December 14, 2003

304...40,000 plus and 1985...

What strange bed fellows these numbers be...

First off, let's adress the 304...when i was in college I made several films...one was called MATLOCK 304...this was before the Matlock series and it was the name of a ship that crashed on some planet and blah, blah, blah...well later I was working on another film and the police car had the number 304...later I used 304 on page of some document on a film about stress and life and death...I then left 304 only to discover that it kept popping up in other works...just as an instance (and I plan (for some really weird reason) to catalog all of this) In Bruce Almighty his apartment nummber is 304...in La Femme Nakkita one of the lawyers says, "According to article 304..."
and there have been other cases of the mysterious 304...I shall endevor to seek after this oddity...

next on the plate is 40,000...I surpassed 40,000 on the nano challenge and finished my story...though I fell short of the goal and of the 50,000, words, I was very happy with my finished product...

Re: 1985...I was amazed at how my story "First Gate" took me back to that time in my life...a lot of stuff happened then that seems to have helped determine who I am...more later...

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Check this new stuff out...

New on the sketchbook page...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Back to reality...

So...I'm editing book two now...that's good...I also have a "one man show" at the Mocha Room (really nice coffee house in Decatur) in Jan. Yet I also have to have a new painting ready for ART LINK'S University of Saint Francis Faculty show in Jan. Looks like I have a lot to get cranking on...the Mocha Room is going to be all landscapes while the Art Link show will be either a study of "Will Kensil" or a study of Daria or Susie or both from "FIRST GATE", my Nov. writing experience...

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Missed it...

That's right, I missed the final goal by about 15,000 words. I also have been going nuts lately trying to get caught up on everything I got behind on while I was sick. I think I'm finally completely, almost over my cold...still got a cough, but feeling much better.

In Entropy Gate news, I've been organizing some stuff for the site and should have some more music ready towards the end of December. Also, I mentioned that there were some interesting developments...well, it looks like I might have an agent for the book...it's looking good...more on that later. Due to my illness and a few financial problems (ie the car died...a story of entropy all it's own to be told later...we had to buy a new car...hopefully book two will come out in Jan.)

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving and I'm alive...
Here is the challenge so far... a week and a half of pure HELL and 103 temps...I'm back on my game, but WAY behind schedule...the chances of me meeting the challenge now are a bit unrealistic...however, I plod onward fighting the ORCS as they seem to come from an endless supply...a bit LOTR there as I battle the fever demons.

Day..............Thursday 27
scheduled count....45,009
Actual count.........35,077
Plus or minus........-9,932

So...can I get 9,932 in the next few days and get the required 1,667 per day? I doubt it, but the important thing is, I tried, I kicked booty in the attempt and I never gave up!!! I met this head on and despite the outcome, I have some really good writing under my belt...am I sad that I'm not meeting my goal? YES!!! Am I going to get over it? Of course...and next year, look out!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Well now...this is interesting...seems that the SCI FI channel is er...Resurrecting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA...the web site looks sort of...like mine...

Friday, November 21, 2003


Well, I'm about 75% back and ready to hit it again...though 5610 words seems a bit much, I think I'm still in the race. Real quick like, here is a run down re: my lack of writing and lack of blogging.

Monday...Max (3) becomes sick and shows signs of becoming REALLY sick

Tuesday...I wake up to discover that Max has crawled into bed and I am staring a runny-nosed "spreader" right in the face. All day I feel sluggish and begin coughing during University lectures.

Wednesday...I leave work at 1:00 and come home to discover I have a temperature of 103! I sleep...I take three hits of Niquil...it does not kick in until 4:00am

Thursday...Life is a fog...I am in dreamland and bouncing through a cloud like-wait...I'm in the middle of a lecture on the proper use of a china marker as it relates to ink and charcoal...must grasp hold of reality...go home...sleep...no medicine...but wait...Zack (5) is sick...I end up staying up until 2:30 with him and then my beautiful wife takes over so I can sleep...sleep, which finally comes after 4:30, lasts until 7:00 at which time I...

Friday...get up and go to work...finally after all is said and done and everyone is tucked away at 9:00, I post this and prepare to get back on track...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

not good...i seem to have come down with a killer cold...hopefully i'll get back into it thisweekend.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Up, down, up, down...

Things have been bouncing all around with FIRST GATE here...but the latest writing seems to be some of my best...it is really exciting to be at the halfway point in the challenge and be so close to being on target.
Day.......…….Sunday 16
scheduled count...26,672
Actual count........26,108
Plus or minus.……-564
The story is becoming even more exciting and though I know the last act...or at least the last scene, the recent turn of events has left me wondering how I am ever going to resolve everything. Truly an exciting time for me and my characters. I am working on some Photoshop artwork for it and should have it ready soon.

In other news, I have yet to post comments on MATRIX REVOLUTIONS...let's just say for now that I really liked it and there will be more in depth analysis after the Nov. Challenge is over. However, I feel that I must make a comment about Cartoon Networks STAR WARS CLONE WARS micro series...I love anything that G.T. does, from Dexter's Lab to samurai Jack. However, I was so disappointed by Star Wars that I was ready to stop watching the entire "micro Series" once I realized what MICRO meant...it means that each episode is only about 3 minutes long...Zack and I were both very upset when we realized what was up...however, we watched the first 5 episodes back to back, having recorded them sequentially, and we both loved it...so...if you have not seen them yet, maybe it would be best to wait for the series to be released on DVD and watch it all then...it really is quite entertaining!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Update...though not fully updated...

A lot going on...hopefully I can get the info out soon...the Nov. challenge hit two snags. A) I realized that what I was writing wasn't as top notch as I'd thought it was and B) I was behind over 2,500 words...then something clicked, the story took a drastic turn towards the surreal and I was suddenly re-inspired...here is the progress...

Day.........Saturday 15
scheduled count...25,005
Actual count........24,379
Plus or minus.…-626
no writing...no energy...no problem

Okay, so last night I didn't write...Iwas sort of celebrating some good news, but I don't want to reveal too much quite yet. Also, the energy sent from Ausralia was somehow mangled in the conversion from the metric system and what actually arrived was a small blue puppy on a skooter...sorry...just taught a lesson on Dali at the University...mind is still a bit messed up.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

all alone in the world of November...

Well, it's official, everyone I know who was at one time or another involved with the November challenge has dropped out...some for ligit reasons, some with lame excuses...I do not judge...much...regardless...here is my progress...

GREAT day for writing...
Day.........Thursday 13
scheduled count...21,693
Actual count........22,337
Plus or minus.……+644

Ben is along for the ride and is sending me "force-like" energy as he is writing vicariously through me...I'm not really even sure what that means (due mainly to the fact that I'm so darn tired), but it seems to be helping...the spoon is gone, the fork is missing and I can't figure out where the heck the knife, coffee cup or soup bowl is now...dog gone those Smiths...I need a cookie!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


I'm back again...After falling way behind due to life-stuff and all sort of distractions, including MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, (which I will review shortly), registering students, teaching, rrewriting a musical, designing stes for a musical that I'm not even really involved in and other such nonsense...I have pulled ahead in the challenge...I've finished PART ONE - OF PAST AND PASSIONS and have advanced to what I believe could be a thrilling rollercoster ride with PART TWO - BREATHLESS. Here is my progress as of today (or night as the case seems to be).

Great day for writing...
Day.....................Tuesday 11
scheduled count...18,357
Actual count........18,664
Plus or minus.....…..+307

just noticed that the time seems to be off here in the wonderful world of BLOGGER...I must once again go in and adjust the time...it is actually around 11:58 pm on Tuesday night...or there abouts...darn clock seems to be off on the computer as well.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Back on track

Day.....................Sunday 09
scheduled count...15,003
Actual count........15,263
Plus or minus........+260

I'm almost to the 1/3 mark of the story and I'm quite pleased with the way the story is unfolding...though this first third really deals a lot with the characters as highschool and early college kids so I'm focussing a lot on romance and relationships where as part two will be a lot more intense regarding the story line. In fact, the second part will be much more...oh, how do I put it...well, it will be deeper...in fact, as usual, I have no idea what the specifics of part two will be...it's always my favorite part because I usually have part one and three worked out but have no idea the story in between...All I know is that I want it to definetly take a harder edge and be gritty

I think...though I'm not sure, that I might post part one on my web site after day 10...we'll see...

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Bad day for writing...
Day.....................Saturday 08
scheduled count...13,336
Actual count........12,250
Plus or minus........-1,056
Unfortunately I had a good feeling about writing today, but MAx, my 3 year old, had other ideas...I'll hopefully make up for it Sunday...

Friday, November 07, 2003

Feeling good aboutr it...
Day.....................Friday 07
scheduled count...11,669
Actual count..........12,080
Plus or minus........+589

But how does it relate to Entropy Gate? I promise that after the first part, which could be Sunday or Monday, I'll explain it all. It has caught me by suprise and I sometimes wonder why I didn't go for the idea of writing Jessica's story or something of the same ilk...yet, I do greatly enjoy the way the story is unfolding and though I know how it ends (as I do with all of my stories) the journey there is unknown and I am excited about all of the twists and turns so far...
Day.....................Friday 07
scheduled count...11,669
Actual count..........11,530
Plus or minus........-139

I'll have that done shortly...I had to back up and erase some of last night's writing because IT WAS CRAP!!!!...I had some really awful stuff...It's interesting that it happened when it did. I'll explain more later if the theory proves to be true...meanwhile, I'm very happy with the direction of the story and plan to set up either a post of PART ONE or a synopsis when I hit day 10...I'm, also working on a "cover" page for the story...
Day.....................Fri. 7
scheduled count...11,669
Actual count..........11,442
Plus or minus........-227

This is the first time I've worked on the story during the day...I'm thinking of printing it all out, going home for some lunch and reading what I have done so far. It should be no problem to punch out 227 words or more tonight.

Thursday, November 06, 2003


First off...First Gate is ahead of schedule...

Day.....................Thurs. 6
scheduled count...10,002
Actual count........10,764
Plus or minus........+762

Second of all...BEN has posted a review of Entropy Gate Journey on his site...here it is.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Update...looks like I'm still ahead of schedule...groovy! And, I actually like what I'm writing. Here is what is odd, though, part one takes place in the 80's so I'm having to flashback to my highschool years...what a trip down memory lane!

Day.....................Wed. 5
scheduled count...8335
Actual count........8395
Plus or minus........+60

Here is a schedule of my progress...of course tonight, Wed. I am slightly behind schedule, but that is only due to the fact that my 5 year old keeps coming into my den when he should be asleep. I still have a few hours to write and should be on task soon.


Day.....................Sat. 1
scheduled count...1667
Actual count........2028
Plus or minus.......+361

Day.....................Sun. 2
scheduled count...3334
Actual count........3705
Plus or minus.......+371

Day.....................Mon. 3
scheduled count...5001
Actual count........5716
Plus or minus.......+715

Day.....................Tue. 4
scheduled count...6668
Actual count........7264
Plus or minus.......+596

Day.....................Wed. 5
scheduled count...8335
Actual count........7827
Plus or minus.......-508

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A few hundred words behind...oh no!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

NOVEMBER 2, 2003

I'm closing down shop now...day two and I'm 715 words ahead of schedule...we'll see how the week pans out.

Things are going well, though I heard bad news from Ben re: his writing. I have surpassed my daily goal and have actually come out 371 words ahead of schedule as of 11:00 Nov. 2...Since part one takes place in the eighties I have been really fascinated about how much of 1985 I actually remember...kooky stuff, that! Well, one hour of 11/2/03 left...must get writing!

I've taken the November challenge and it looks like it's going to be tough but doable...At the end of day two I should have 3334 words written in order to make the 50,000 word deadline...I'm at 2726 and it's 1:30 am on the second day! Whoo Hoo! Ahead of schedule...I can crank out 608 easily before the day is over and I'll have two extra hours on Monday!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


As a fencer, I have always loved a challenge...well here it is...basically you have the month of November to write a 50,000 word novel...what is the prize? Nothing really, but (I think) a T-Shirt that says you have completed your goal and the satisfaction that you and several others have done what you set out to do...

so...what am I going to write about? (you may ask)...so glad you asked...

Short explanation...

Sue Yakama is a young Japanese girl who is having a hard time dealing with the disappointments that life offers her...one night during a rained out Halloween, she finds a strange rock in her closet...she keeps this odd treasure and tells no one until (flash forward to 1985) as a senior in high school her boy friend asks her about it as they are observing the "Northern Lights" while reclining on the hood of his Thunderbird in the fields of Decatur Indiana...he assumes that Sue is a freak, dumps her and she pursues a career in ART at a local University...however...more rocks begin to appear in her closet and she tries to hide them...finally, as she is accepted into Grad school, she leaves home only to return ten years later...her house is for sale (after her parents have passed away) and she chooses not to sell the place as she begins to discover more than rocks in her closet...

I will eventually post the story when it is finished Dec. 1...until then, just wait for "FIRST GATE".

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Just got this from Ben in Australia. When you click on "Turning out to be a smashing story" it links to my site.

I guess he is enjoying ENTROPY GATE - JOURNEY! Check out his site...the man is on to something!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

So…what have I been doing lately? First off, I’m teaching three drawing classes and we just had mid-term so I have been grading portfolios. Second, I’ve been painting…landscapes, just like I planned. They are peaceful, and pleasant and have nothing to do with Entropy Gate. After the last two paintings, which will, I promise, be posted on the web site which will, I promise, get updated soon. I need to finish Jessica’s story, Lab Born and the rework the way-too-busy gallery page and the way-too-cluttered sketchbook page.

But I also need to get my manuscript off to a legitimate publisher. Why haven’t I yet? Burn out, plain and simple. Now that I’ve rested and finished most of the music for “Trouble Under the Big Top”, the musical that I wrote for the Jesters, I plan to get my act in gear and get it out there. I just saw a story on the morning news about a 19 year old, home schooled boy who self published and then was picked up by a publisher, signed a six figure deal and debuted at #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers’ List for Children’s Books. Nine-freaking-teen years old. Sheesh!

Another thing I’m looking forward to is the fact that as of Jan. 15, my wife will be home more (that is her last day at the school she teaches at) and I’ll have a little more time to pursue publishing as she'll be able to spend more time with the boys. I’ll also be teaching only one class and the Jesters’ program will be gearing up for their big performance. After Feb., I’ll be even more free to write (as the theater aspect of the the Jesters ends and we concentrate only on the afternoon art program) and at that time plan to completely rewrite Entropy Gate – Repercussions (part 3). Though I all ready wrote it once, I only have it in printed form, as a computer problem and my lack of foresight, left me without a disc copy.

It's been a while...

Well...it's been some time since I blogged. I've been swamped! I should have time to blog tonight or tomorrow...but in the meantime...

Star Wars update

Babylon 5 update

Monday, October 13, 2003


I might have to adjust certain things in my time line...scientists are ahead of the game. I have believed for some time now the the fusing of man and machine was close, but this article shows that we are far closer than I realized.

Friday, October 10, 2003


Well, thanks to Ben, Entropy Gate Journey is now in Australia! Hopefully he'll enjoy the book enough to post a review (hint, hint).

Also, I do have a new Entropy Gate painting that I MAY start on...I'm still going to do the landscapes, but this image keeps coming up...

Also, I will be making some new revisions to the ENTROPY GATE site soon.

Friday, October 03, 2003


Big sigh of relief...I just put the finishing touches on my latest painting. It's a biggie, as I might have mentioned in previous blogs, and of course it is Entropy Gate related. There are four panels that hang apart from each other...the main panel is an image of a woman surrounded by a wash of spatters and glazes as well as several well hidden collaged figures. I have also attached parts that I removed from VCRs, computers, TVs and the like...the panel is about six feet tall. The side panel has a a device that lights up and you can see a slide photo of the drawing that I first made as a reference for the finished painting. There is a magnifying lens that just out from the panel to enlarge the image. To the right of the main panel are two other panels. One is a "book" of collaged images and a brief narrative told from the point of a "scraper" (one who cleans the chambers when a hyclone dies due to IBCA - incompatible Bio-Cybernetic Adjoining). The title of each paragraph then coincides with the music that I wrote "Voices from the Chamber". The panel directly above the "book" has a CD player that's been stripped down the bare essentials and collaged and painted. It plays the CD to help create the mood.

I've been wrestling with this piece for about four or five months now and am so relieved to finally have it done. There was a real euphoria once I hung it in the gallery (the University is having a Faculty Alumni Show this weekend Saturday from 7-9 and my piece is right at the front of the gallery..l.whoo hoo!) Needles to say, after the last painting "Silla and the Guardians" (soon to be posted on my site along with the one I just finished) which was no light subject matter deal with good and evil/life and death/heaven and hell, and now the one I just finished "The Future of Flesh, But What of the Soul" which deals with questions of the soul as it relates to a man who realizes that one of the hyclones he has become emotionally attached to is dying. The man does not believe in God, yet believes that the hyclones are living creatures and he struggles with his duty to report her symptoms. He chooses not to and she is visited by "the Minister" from book 3. (all of that is told with the narrative). The woman in the central painting then is "HER" at the moment she has accepted her fate, having heard the Minister's words and is ready to embrace paradise...

I'm exhausted...Physically and emotional.

I think I'm going to take a small break from the Entropy Gate images and paint some landscapes...

Monday, September 29, 2003

Rabbits and more rabbits...

A student recommended Donnie Darko to me and so I experienced it...it is not one of those movies you just watch, you really experience it if you have the patience and enjoy that sort of thing...there's an interesting web site here...

So what does Donnie Darko have to do with Entropy Gate or Rabbits? Well Donnie is hearing voices from a rather tall rabbit named Frank. And as far as the EG connection, let's just say there's a connection but if I tell you here then it'd spoil Donnie Darko for you...

It is rated R for language and some drug use, though the "drug use" is so quick and unimportant that it slips right by...I'm thinking the main reason for the R is for the first dinner conversation in which Donnie and his sister resort to ridiculous cursing when neither one of them can think of any other way to battle each other...

Monday, September 22, 2003


I have posted the cover to a CD that is a collection of music based on a painting. Go here and click on the Voices CD cover to check it out...and, coming soon, the web site will have a book store where you can buy art, prints, post cards and books.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

LAB BORN part 2...sort of...

I went ahead and posted Lab Born part two, though there are still three pages missing from chapter two...I plan to have those done by the middle of next week and that will sort of wrap up the first part of the story...chapter three then takes another character and he see how his life evolves...or devolves...

go here

Monday, September 15, 2003


I'm so close to finishing my latest painting that I can almost taste it...no wait, that's really oil paint I'm tasting...yech...anyway, I hope to have some digital images up on the site by tomorrow or wed. at the latest.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Part two is now on the sketchbook page...if you have not read part one, go here...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I just heard back from one of my primary "story" editors re: EG 2.
"...a lot more action than the first one."
"There seemed to be a lot of carnage, yet nothing gratuitous or gory...it seemed appropriate to the story."
"Grace (Monical) is truly a bad person...the 'Guardians' come across as such evil individuals...they really are evil."
"The (part I can't mention as it would spoil the story) really shows the power of God."

We plan to meet soon to discuss some theological issues and I hope to have more quotes...in all, I'm very excited...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I could have sworn that I all ready posted this...

...but for some reason it's not here. As I was sitting at home one RARE day when the kids were gone with Kristi and the house was clean andI had no work and there was nothing on TV and I didn't feel like painting and the phone wasn't ringing and the dog didn't need to go out...I came up with an interesting idea...I always say that a good book has great characters and therefore the story should be able to take place in any genre or time period...that got me thinking. What if Entropy Gate took place during the turn of the century (ie late 1800's early 1900's)...am I sure I didn't post this....it sounds so familiar...anyhoo, I got to thinking about it on said rare day and I realized that it could actually work...the next time that I have a half hour of spare time I'm going to flesh out a synopsis of the story as if it were told "back in the olden days"...those of you who have read the book might think it's impossible, but it could really work...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

NOT ENTROPY GATE STUFF...though, sort of...

About time...

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins is taking on political correctness. His new film, "The Human Stain," deals with the freedom-killing trend, which the Welsh-born actor rightly describes as "a cancer." Director Robert Benton pointed out that it took guts for Hopkins to take on the political hot potato. Benton said, "The risk he took, the courage it took for him to do this role is amazing." The movie is based on a novel by Philip Roth where a professor's career is ruined by an unfair accusation of racism. The scholar's life goes downhill until he meets a character played by Nicole Kidman. Patriot Gary Sinise plays the prof's best buddy.

Why am I not suprised...

After Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Woody Allen and others took a swipe at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alec Baldwin couldn't restrain himself any longer. Baldwin showed up on CNBC's "News with Brian Williams" and mouthed more of the same old stale "stealing the election" stuff. "There is a pattern of this kind of electoral nullification for people who are opponents of elected officials, typically Democratic officials now. I believe that this is, though not part of some orchestrated conspiracy, it's the same thing you see in the Clinton impeachment and in the Florida election in 2000 and 2002, where the reforms that were promised after the 2000 election were not put in place by the, the state of Florida, the Texas redistricting as well and now this recall," Baldwin clamored.

Friday, August 29, 2003


1) Star Wars (the box set for Ep.4-6)
2) Babylon 5
3) Silence of the Lambs
4) Twin Peaks
5) Any Vangelis Soundtrack (yes, he has done far more than just Chariots of Fire)
6) Last of the Mohicans
7) Alien 3
8) Star Trek First Contact

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


I'm working on a new painting that is six feet tall and about as wide, though it is comprised of several sections that will be hung beside it so the horizontal measurements aren't accurate until it's in the gallery and I see how much space I have...

While I've been painting it I've been listening to... (don't laugh) Opera Babes - Beyond Imagination and I just got the soundtrack to Gangs of New York.

I should have some examples of the painting up in the sketchbook soon.

Friday, August 22, 2003

VIRUS is annoying

Not the movie, but one that has infected our University computer...I'll be blogging from home this weekend...if I can get my home computer working that is...by the way, Virus the movie was pretty annoying as well...what was Sutherland thinking? What was Curtis thinking? And I rented it...what was I thinking?
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...(great movie...but that's not what I'm talking about)

The Good: I have my entropy gate sketch book on line now...though my brother is going to work on it and make it load faster...regardless...here it is

The Bad: Due to some "stuff", I must rework my drawing syllabus (syllabi?) all weekend and will not have time to finish part two of Jessica's story...

The Ugly: It's been very sunny lately...for some reason that depresses me...rain seems to really perk me up...is that weird? Hello, paging Frank Black...

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

An interesting conversation today...

As those of you who are regulars to this blog might know, I had a rather large painting (8ft x 4.5ft) that was in a show at the University that I teach at...well...the painting was sold, but for certain reasons, the buyer had to back out! Total bummer! However, the painting is still there for another week and a half...one of my friends (who has been gone for some time) just saw it and asked a series of interesting questions...

Friend: Does the cross have a definite Christian meaning to it?

ME: Yes...it has to do with the main character's (Michael's) belief and Silla's doubts as to whether she has a soul...

Friend: But a cross has such a strong symbolic tie to it.

ME: It was originally a stronger element in the painting, but it wasn't to be the focal point...Silla's questioning gaze was the focal point, the cross was the answer.

Friend: But why have it as the answer?

ME: Uh...

Friend: Why is it that you are so sure of Christianity and you ask so many questions of other areas of your life?

ME: Because I spent so much of my college years searching for the truth and I've found it in Christianity. (I actually explained it a little better than that...but that's the basic jist of it) Now that I am comfortable with my religious beliefs, I find that I am questioning other things in life...

Friend: We need to continue this when we have more time...

If you wish to see the painting in question, email me and I'll send a copy to you...I'm not ready to post it on my site...
Lying liars and the lies they lie that they lied about...

This is a deviation from Entropy Gate stuff...I know...but, I have done so much on the web page I felt that I could deviate a little from the norm...if only to slam one Al (the dork) Franken! What an idiot!!! I have written before of his stupidity...but now, we have a chance to glance his hypocrisy! Please read THIS!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Finally! It's up and running!

I have finally finished chapter one of Lab Born...I also redid the GRAPHIC NOVEL page so that you can access both Vow of the sword and Lab Born. Thanks goes out to my brother who takes time during his busy schedule and probably most of his lunch to put all of the peices together! The rest of the skecthbook page should be ready by mid week...I have a lot of images that I have been working on over the past year that are either unfinished or merely refs for larger works...Jake also jhas several pages of sketches tha will be posted soon too...

Friday, August 15, 2003


Bad news...a painting that was 'sold' is no longer sold...the buyer had to back out (and I don't blame him at all...these things happen) but it looks like ENTROPY GATE - BEYOND will not be going to press anytime soon...just a minor set back...

Thursday, August 14, 2003


The new SKETCHBOOK section of my site is up and running, though I haven't posted the new art there (it will be a collection of sketches and unfinished works), there is chapter one of Jessica's Story there...Jessica is one of the security guards from EG - Journey.

First, my email account is screwed up right now so fo some reason I am not able to respond to some of you...working on that.

Second, someone asked what a hyclone is...in the Entropy Gate series a hyclone is a hybrid clone. Part machine, part flesh...like a cyborg, but all of the mechanical parts are under the flesh, not like the BORG on Star Trek.

Third...they've just released the third season of Babylon 5 on DVD!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
By the way...if all goes as planned, there will be Chapter One of Jessica's story in the SKETCHBOOK section of the site...also..I have a ton of artwork to get ready for the S.B. site as well as a revamped vervion of Lab Born...I was going to post it two weeks ago but I saw something that changed my mind...if I find it on the web, I'll include a link...
and so it (really) begins...

A while ago I was reading "What we can't not know" by Professor J. Budziszewski and he mentioned that a year ago scientist had combined human cells with pig cells...now this appears...rabbits and human cells fused together to create the tissue needed to harvest STEM CELLS! When I set out to write ENTROPY GATE, I assumed that in 200 years we would have experimented with a variety of hybrids...I had no idea that it would happen in my life time and that so many people would not be bothered by it...Dr. Frankenstien...paging Dr. Frankenstien...hyclones will arrive sooner than we think!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Al Franken is a small, pathetic loser...

Nothing to do with EG...but this really honks me off. First of all, everyone knows, and Al Franken admitted, that the only reason he title his first trash heap of drivel, "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot" is because he knew he would anger more people and ride on the coat tails of Rush's success! (wheather you like Rush or hate him, anything with his name on it will generate conversation) Now he targets Fox news because it is currently popular and quite successful...I imagine that if Al wrote a book called "What Al Franken believes" most would say "Al who?" or "Wasn't he that very unfunny guy who used to do that Stuart Smally routine on SNL and who had a movie about that same unfunny character that bombed and didn't he also have a TV show that bombed?" Most people, though, would say "Who cares." The man is a hack, unimaginative and so devoid of originallity that he has to latch onto others, like a parasite, in order to experience anything that even comes close to success...And for those who think I'm opinionated because of my political views, when Al's other book came out I worked at book store and I read some of his book...it's poorly written, VERY unfunny and most people I knew at the book store (and they all leaned farther to the left than myself) thought Al was annoying and silly (in the same way that a three year old with a runny nose is annoying and silly).
Things are much better...

The musical is coming together and I just reread my contract-I thought i was going back to work on Wed., but it turns out I don't return until friday! Two extra days to finish everything that I didn't get done this summer!

It feels strange not working on Entropy Gate - Beyond...I always get a little nervouse when the manuscript is in the hands of an editor...

Sunday, August 10, 2003



sorry...life has taken a bit of a spiral...i'll let ya know what's up shortly...for now...ratsenfratsen maferfratsenpoopenfrootsenbergerfrutsenpastowatson...grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! arggg!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

and this just in...

My five year old son just asked for a copy of my book..."But Dad, I don't have a copy. I'll put it on my dresser and then read it at night." Makes a dad proud!
Ben asks a good question...

Go here to order your copy of Entropy Gate - Journey...BTW, that page needs the dates of next release updated...there is a very strong chance that book two will be out in Nov.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Some odd (but encouraging) praise for Entropy Gate Journey...

The names have been left off of these comments to protect the innocent/guilty.

from a self-described non-Christian: It was a really good story...some of the characters were Christians, but I really wasn't offended.

from a fellow artist and self-described individual who is naive re: most things Christian: I'm on page 99 and I just wanted to tell you that, and forgive me, this is one hell of a story...I don't know where you're getting your ideas...it is really interesting...

So many times, Christian authors write for just Christians and they alienate non-Christians or they speak down to them or they are "preachy". I never wanted to write a novel for Christians, I wanted to write a novel that Christians and non-Christians alike could enjoy. Hopefully I am doing just that...
It's 9:30 and I'm going nuts...

What I'm supposed to be doing now is writing the musical for the JESTERS (a theatrical company of kids (ages 10-35) who have special needs (the non-politically correct term is handicapped)). The musical will be fun and whimsical...but after finishing BEYOND, I really want to delve into book three, REPERCUSSIONS. However, I have told myself that I will not touch book three until the musical is finished...

In other news...I have not been down into my studio since it flood two weeks ago...I really need to do some artwork...perhaps Tuesday night or Wed. night. There is a faculty/Alumni show coming up and I have a large paint I want to finish and put in...we can enter two so I might also put in a painting of a lighthouse that I did some time back...hopefully with the new "sketbook" site that will be up next week I can start showing more of the artwork that I am referencing here.
Fixed...sort of...
This isn't the link I was looking for, re: MEl Gibson's movie, but it does have a fair amount of info about it.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

oy...how embarassing...I had posted something re: Mel Gibson's movie "PASSION" and it didn't work so I re posted it and then both posts showed up and then I realized that the link to the article was wrong and...well, I'm going to try to find the right page now...sorry for the confussion
jessica's story

Part one (three and a half pages) will be ready to post as soon as my brother returns from vacation...this is quite different for me as I am used to long stories (300-450+ pages). Chapter one is 3 and a half pages long...there will be illustrations too...and as mentioned...if you have all ready read book two...forget everything you know about Jessica...it's gone...also, if you read the rough draft of book three...forget all you know about Peter Tambov...just...forget it...okay?

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Lot a stuff

Well...I've been listening to Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)and Reflection (Seisou Hen) by Taku Iwasaki...some one gave me the CD so don't ask me how to get a copy for your self...any hoo...i'm working on "Three Rings of Funny" (that is the working title of the musical) for the Jesters...that is a theatrical program for mentally and physically handicapped (though we say children with special needs) children. I just purchased a simple keyboard that i can use while writing the songs...i hope to have fifteen songs written by the end of the month...then I'll go back to the Entropy Universe...

Friday, August 01, 2003

Good news...bad news...

Well...I had a bunch of new stuff to upload on the entropy gate web sight...like the first chapter of LAB BORN, the new art pages and the "Sketchbook" page...but the bad news is, my brother, the one who uploads everything for me, is out of town for a week!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2003


Those of you who have had access to EG-2 have no doubt read of the exploits of Jessica Tunsel, the Forum Security guard from EG-1. Well...you may have noticed that in part 2 she has very little to do and in part 3 she has entirely vanished...here is why...she severs no purpose in EG-2...I decided, a while ago, to carry on her story as a series of short stories that have little to do with EG-2...the action that she was involved in EG-2 has been replaced by Abigail...which makes more sense since Abigail and Chen have formed a relationship...I will post chapter one of "Jessica's Story" this friday on the NEW AND IMPROVED EG web site...

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Postcard Ideas?

If there are any suggestions as to which images from the gallery I should use in the post card pack, feel free to throw in your two cents.
I have a decent printer...

So why not make postcard size prints of the entropy gate art work...yeah...they could sell for a whole lot less than the originals and could be sold individually or in a box set with a really cool marketing design-box set thing...okay...it's late and my brain is fried...but still...its an idea worth pursuing...i think...

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


As stated before, BEYOND is finsihed and is getting printed to send to my editors. I just finished re-reading the third book and realized that it needs a LOT of work. I'm not even that terribly excited with the second half of it. I will be taking a break from writing anyway I as have to do a large sum of school work in preparation for the new school year. I have also been too busy to get much artwork done and am REALLY mad that I am not spending time in the studio like I should.

So...tomorrow the kids are gone with their grandparents and I am going to reorganize everything in my studio and den. I hope to get the web site updated and put the finishing touches on chapter one of LAB BORN so that it can be ready to fly on the graphic novel page...

Also, there is a short story swimming in my head that needs a release so I'll be opening the short-story page on my site too...soon...

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Book covers...ick!

I had three book covers for EG - 2 and I was going to have a contest to see what the general public thought...but I hate them all. I have decided to revamp them...please stand by...
An interesting little story...

Just read this...I think he has the right idea.

Monday, July 21, 2003

DONE!!!!!!!!(sort of)

Entropy Gate - Beyond is ready to go to the editors! I think it is a far stronger book than the first and I can't wait to send it off to the printers! If all goes as planned it should be on sale by Nov.

and in other news...

Just borrowed a CD from a friend..."FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ - On the Shore". Very cool stuff.

Also, it looks like LAB BORN part one will be on the web site by the end of the week as well as the new art page "Sketchbook".

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Page 8 of the graphic novel VOW OF THE SWORD is missing some dialog...it will be fixed by thrusday or friday...

Monday, July 14, 2003

Seems there is a bit of a problem with the comment/feedback...there are comments being made, but it says "none commented" at the bottom of each post...if anyone knoews how to fix this, let me know.
this just in...

ALL of chapter one is up now...my brother is THE man!
FINALLY re: the graphic novel stuff...

The first several pages of VOW OF THE SWORD are up on the EG site...this is a project that JAke Murray has been working on for many months and it has become much more than I ever anticipated...there are six pages posted now, though Chapter one will have a totla of 19 pages...i am told they will all be up by friday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Last night I began some of the rewrite of the end of part 3...it's rockin'. I should be able to get more done tonight after I finish the mural I started last week, finish the book cover I am working on for a fellow Scribe and change the oil in the van...it too is experiencing it's own journey through entropy...

Sunday, June 29, 2003

And so it begins...

That's right, I'm quoting G'kar from Babylon 5...but I just realized something tonight...I am eight pages away from finishing the editing of Beyond!!! Then, I have about 20 pages to write...if all goes as planned, I will be done by Friday!!! Then, I print off part 2 and 3 and read through, make corrections, edittttttttttt and stuff and by one week from friday, start printing off copies to send to my editors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contest update part 1

Yes, there will be a contest for those of you who have part 1 and 2...hang in there.

Contest update part 2

I am designing the cover for Entropy Gate - Beyond...I will post the final three images soon and hope to get votes as to which of the three is the best. The winner will recieve a copy of Entropy Gate - Journey (if you don't have it yet) plus, Entropy Gate - Beyond (and there's more) a CD of the music, plus (added bonus here) a copy of the "EG sketch book that will go on sale next year at the ART SHOW!!!! Vote early, vote often
Do I compromise my faith when I talk to people?

Yeah...unfortunately, sometimes I do...and that ain't good. I was hopping around the internet and found this about Mel Gibson and his movie Passion. I've been following the controversy surrounding this project for some time and it is truely an inspiration. For those of you unfamiliar with it, here is the lowdown. Mel has been working on a movie based on the last 12 days of Christ's life. The images I have seen so far are very powerful. He is wanting it to portray accurately the life of Jesus as the son of God. He has (naturally) become the target of Hollywood lefties and anti-christians all over. If he was making a movie on the life of any other spiritual leader (non-christian that is) you better believe that no one in Hollywood would be complaining. Or if he was making a movie that was anti-Jesus he would be getting support from critics all over...just look at The Last Temptation of Christ. (note: I really like almost everything Martin S. has directed...just not Last Temp....I also like just about every actor in that movie as well...but I'm off target here)...in Last Temp. Jesus is a whimp, Peter is an idiot, John the Baptist is a loony, Satan is a gas-powered flame and Judas is about the only likable person in the entire film. Naturally the brainless wonders in Hollywood would like it...so...what has this to do with Entropy Gate? Mel is stating up front that he was inspired by God to make this movie and he has no problem stating his faith in the Christian God and saying such things as "the Holy Spirit inspired me". My stories EG 1-4 are Sci-fi, but they also carry an important message that I hope is not...

a. too preachy
b. lost in all of the action and adventure
c. untruthful

A few times I have awkwardly explained the theology of the books as if I was worried that saying "it's about God" would harm the sales...well, if God inspired me, and I believe he has, then it's God's story and I'm just the instrument...that means I better be listening and better be on target and better not compromise!

Friday, June 27, 2003

okay...i figured out what i did wrong...it looks like i might actually like the new...thing...whatever. Anyway...on to Entropy Gate stuff...

Good news...I am about 2/3rds of the way done editting part 3 of Beyond.

Bad news...somehow the last twenty pages have vanished!

Good news...I was never really satisfied with the ending anyway.

Bad news...it'll take longer to complete.

Good news...it will be a LOT better than before...in fact, I think this version is turning out to be far better than the original and the story is much better than JOURNEY! Several contest winners have agreed!!!!
okay...i don't like what blogspot has done...i tried posting earlier today but it still hasn't appeared on my blog...oh well. I'll try again.

Testing..one, two three...

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Monica Rocks!

So what the heck does Monica Bellucci (star of Matrix and Tears of the Sun among others) have to do with Entropy Gate? One thing, really...I am basing a painting of a character from the series on an image I found of M.B. But...I also think she is a fantastic actress and I respect what she has said re: women...

"I'm flattered if men say they appreciate me. I like doors being opened for me, and I appreciate it when men make a fuss. This is not to reject women's rights - because I'm free and independent. It's just facing facts. That's just the way it is," Bellucci chimed.

The actress also pointed out the hypocrisy of so many modern women who describe themselves as feminists. "I've never been frightened of being a real woman. It might seem old fashioned, but I think many men want to see real women with full figures. They don't want skin and bone, yet all the time actresses try to be thinner than thin. In America, if a man tells a woman she's beautiful, the woman might be full of plastic surgery, work out two hours a day and spend a fortune on cosmetics and clothes. Then the woman gets offended because she's being treated like a piece of meat."

If you have not Seen "Tears of the Sun"...rent it today...better yet...buy it on DVD...

I'll post the painting when it's finished.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Life is stranger than fiction...

I was editing the other day and there was a segment involving a green meteor shower...I took it out because I decided I might be pushing the "creative" side of life and weather on a fictitious planet a little too much...then I read THIS.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Reading on Wed.

I know this is short notice, but I'm reading tomorrow at the Scribes meeting and I was wanting feedback re: what I should read...I was thinking about the segment I had posted earlier with Tambov and the crew on the Grey Shadow...anyone?

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

And now for something completely different...

All right, I've been doing a lot of writing and a lot of Entropy Gate related art so I'm going to use this space for something a bit off the norm...the other day I was watching TNN and I noticed that they were changing the name to SPIKE TV...no big deal...or is it? Spike Lee has decided that he might sue them because they are using his name. WHAT?!?!?! I guess being a mediocre film maker doesn't pay what it used to. Now get real, Mr. Lee...Spike is not yours alone any more than I could sue Allen county for the unauthorized use of my name or Allen Dairy products...But if Spike Lee is going to sue TNN (he must need the money since he hasn't had a 'hit' in who knows how long) he should concider suing some others as well...for instance...

1.Tom Petty for his song "Hey Spike what do you like"

2.The railroad co. for using railroad spikes

3.High school kids for spiking the punch at the prom

4.The director of Spy Kids because it sounds like SPIKE ids.

5.Hanna Barbara for Spike the bulldog in the Tom and Jerry Cartoons

6.Anyone who plays volley ball and SPIKES the ball.

7.Me because I sometimes call my kid Spike

Spike Lee is an idiot. This has nothing to do with Entropy Gate, or does it...perhaps it has something to do with Entropy and chaos and the fact that society is wildly spinning out of control when we have someone like Spike Lee trying to make money off of a TV station for TAKING his name!!!!! Okay...that's a stretch. I just had to vent. Now back to things that truely matter...

the contest is still open...

Thursday, May 29, 2003

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as in I've finished editing the rough cut of part two of Entropy Gate - Beyond)

Okay now, here's what's up...if you have part one of book two, (and the only way is if you won the last contest) then answer this question in a private reply.

Who is the name of the EHC representative who appears at the hearing in chapter one of BEYOND?

Now, if you haven't a copy of part one, try this question and get a chance for Part one and Part two of BEYOND...remember this is edited stuff, but not the final version...

What does Don Mui give Derek as a gift for assuring his daughter's safety?

Let the contest begin...only five winners for each question.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Well it's been a while since I posted anything...I have been rather busy writing and painting...now I know that I promised some of you the opportunity to get a copy of part 2, but I have been making so many changes that I've had to dely that for now...I'm still only ten pages from the end of poart two, but every time I start writing I go back and make massive changes...hang in there...I am getting close to the end.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Four out of four stars for the MATRIX! Great movie with great plot twists, some fine acting and (of course) great special effects. I have heard so many critics say that movies these days rely too much on special effects and not enough on story...well that is not true with this movie. If you eliminated the SPFX and CGI from this movie (or eve removed just a few of the scenes) it would be akin to removing horses from a western. They are part of the film and not just eye candy! However...I do have one minor complaint...don't worry, I won't spoil anything...at one point there is this huge festival in ZION and everyone is dancing to a "stomp" like percussion group in a very MTV-1990s-sort-of-dance-club-way complete with slow-mo dolly shots of young, wet-shirted men and women...it seemed so out of place...but hey, that only lasts a few minutes and then it's back to the story with a great bit of dialog between Neo and one of the Elders. The only other complaint is the music during the end credits...normally I always stay for credits...however, the garbage that was exploding from the speakers would have been enough to drive me from the theater except for the fact that I knew that there were previews to Matrix 3 after the credits finished. I'm ready for REVOLUTIONS.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Just got back from Scribes (the local writer's guild) where I read a bit of Chapter one of the first book...got a lot of positive feedback. In fact, one of the people who is reading my book and is herself published, said that i should clean it up a bit (the same old thing I have mentioned many times) and then try to get it published in some mainstream publishing house! Now that's encouraging.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Now that was a bit of a surprise...

A while ago I listed things that inspired me when working on the Entropy Gate series...I just finished watching the 1979 (would you believe it?) Walt Disney movie THE BLACK HOLE. It's on DVD and it's available here. Is it great? No...is it worth watching? YES!!! Great ideas, incredible effects (Star Wars had 13 matte paintings, BH had 150...for those who are interested in that sort of thing). Frankly, I like Star Wars a lot better...but...BH inspired me in ways that I had not realized until I sat down tonight and watched it. There are some images that were key in BH that have shown up in either EG writing or art work. It really is interesting what we put in our blenders that eventually float to the top and "seem" original. Now, there are few web sites for BH...in fact, I did a quick google search and the best one was here. The author of this site clearly hated the movie and has spent a a bit of energy slamming it...I don't know where people find the time to create web site with the singular intent of critisizing something that most people aren't even aware of...oh well...back to writing.

Monday, May 12, 2003

hey...how do i put links on my blog to others bloggers...anyone?

Sunday, May 11, 2003

And now an update from the studio...

The artwork is just exploding! I am compiling a "sketchbook" of ideas and images. I am also working on many new works...some have electronics and moving parts in them...it is all very exciting! I hope to have some images soon to post on the web site...

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

been very busy...but wait...

Thursday is looking great to get editing done as is Friday! I should then beable to print it out, do a read through and edit and then, by late next week, hold a new contest for a free look at part 2 of Beyond. Also, it looks like there is a very good chance for a one-man-show at a local gallery to exhibit a multimedia art show of EG stuff.

Friday, May 02, 2003

As the great Pirate Bear says, "Rarrrggg!"

I can't believe it...today I had every writer's perfect day...from 3:00-7:00, no one at home...just me and the computer. So what did I do? I wrote and I edited and I wrote and I wrote edited and the words were just flowing out like crazy!!!! One slight problem...they were some of the WORST WORDS I'VE EVER WRITTEN!!!!!! After I finished writing I realized that I had maybe one or two good paragraphs and maybe a few good lines of dialog...well...it happens...hopefully I'll get it together and get part 2 of BEYOND done this week...by next weekend there will be another contest...

Thursday, May 01, 2003

That's gross...

I can still remember the first time that I saw images from the movie ALIEN. There was an article in our local news paper that said something like "is it too scary?" Well, for a young kind in his early teens, the answer was YES!!! To this day, it has been the only movie that ever gave me bad dreams...well, that and the WIzard of Oz. I know, most people love that movie, but Dorthy is the scariest thing on film...far scarier than the green witch. But I ramble...ALIEN! Yes...it was scary and it was very gross...just the other day I saw something far more disgusting than the chest-busting H.R. Giger creatures. I saw a TICK! So what, big deal...you might say. But let's think about it for a moment...here is a creature that burries it's head inside of another organism and breaths out of it's tail pipe (or so I've heard). There it was, imbedded in someone's head and it fell on me to remove the nasty little bugger. I won't go into details...

So...what does THIS have to do with Entropy Gate? Well, right now, as I edit, I have been reworking several key portions of the story that involve EVIL characters...(possible minor spoiler ahead)...the second book deals a lot with EVIL (not just badness, but raw, pure, uncooked, caffine free EVIL). Well...where does evil originate? Could it be...satan? Yeah...I think so. Now words like "demonic possession" conjur up all sorts of images from good and bad movies...but I wanted BEYOND to take the matter seriously...the villains (though I don't ever actually use the word Villain to describe anyone) are under demonic influence and are EVIL.

So...uh...what does all of THAT have to do with the earlier paragraph where I wrote about ticks and aliens? Glad you asked. As I watched this horrid little thing with its squirming legs and its head burried inside of it's host's scalp, it reminded me of the idea that the "spirits" of DARKNESS are parasitic in nature and that they inhabit bodily forms much like the alien in ALIEN and the tick...

Ohhhh...I still don't see why this was a blog entry...

Because! Okay, I'll 'splain a little better than that. This entry was posted as a WARNING to those who plan to continue reading the Entropy Gate saga (love that word). In BEYOND, things get ugly, scary and...ugly. EVIL ain't a pretty thang, kids.

nuff said.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Ahhh...I get it now...the Alien 4 connection...

I was curious as to why the idea of Winnona Ryder as Silla seemed to make so much sense to me...then Kase reminded me of the character that W.R. played in ALIEN 4. I like the idea...now if she can just stay out of trouble long enough...

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Updated wallpaper

Special thanks to Ken (bro) for all he has done to maintain my web page...I have changed the WALLPAPER gallery and deleted some of the desktop images that were...well...not so cool looking. I kept two and included the peice by Kase (a contributing artist). Kase used images of Winnona Ryder (intersting choice Kase) for a collage of Sillas...Post your opinions as Kase is a frequent reader of the EGblog.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Your mind is a Blender...don't hit the frappe button

I often look at the human mind as a blender of sorts. We constantly dump stuff into it (music, images, conversations, tastes, smells (though not in my case as I have no sense of smell) touch sensations...you name it. It all floats in the brain/blender where it gets mixed up...some stuff floats to the top and spills out of our mouths as things we wish we would not have said, while other stuff drops to the bottom and we have to dig deep into it to discover the tasty morsels. Some artists are content with scooping the stuff off of the top and they have some very "surface" oriented imagery or writings...others dig deep and try to be careful not to engage the blender whilst digging therefore loosing "fingers" in the process. The stuff at the bottom, the deep stuff, is sometimes the best part of the mix. Other times it's the garbage that is so "heavy" (read bogus) that it merely sinks to the bottom. Still, other times it can clog the blades, overheat the engine and poof(!) you're in the loony bin. The stuff in the middle is just random thoughts and ideas that aren't necessarily anything too deep or too light...they are the thoughts and memories and ideas that are constantly swimming about in our mind...they make us what we are and add to (or take away from) our personality. Anyway, that was going through my head and I thought I'd post it before I accidentally hit frappe and lost the whole analogy.

I know...this has nothing to do with Entropy Gate...or does it? Okay...I'll get back to editing...
This just in...

Kase has sent me a wonderful photoshop image for the Wallpaper page...I should have it up by this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Talk about a quick turnaround...

Friday, April 25, 2003


I have been working on some new desktops but I also wanted to open up the desktop gallery for other artists...I know that Kase has been working on an image that she would like me to post...go ahead and send it in Kase...so...let the influx of art begin.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Some music and scribes...

First the scribes...I went to a meeting yesterday and met a group of local authors (called the SCRIBES). They have invited me to read at their next meeting...I'm trying to decide what part of Entropy Gate - Journey I should read. Any suggestions?

As far as music goes, J has recently expanded my tastes by introducing me to some Jazz and Techno...I finished listening to Verve Remixed (totally cool stuff) and am now (as I write this) listening to Club Nation AMERICA...on the second disc there is a track called Strange World by PUSH. It would fit well with some of the bizzare stuff that happens in BEYOND.

I really want to redo the CD of EG music and have it mixed the right way...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It's newwwwwww...

Heads up. I just updated the web site and I think it looks much better. It also loads a lot faster. I am also updating the links page. That was always my least favorite and it seemed too busy. I've been writing quite a bit lately...In fact, I'm about half way done with part two. Now, any of you (and there are only a few) who have read the rough draft of Entropy Gate - Beyond know that it gets sort of scary at times...well yesterday during my lunch break I had a Signs / sort of scare. I was in the depot (my office at USF) and I was working on a rather intense part of the story. Suddenly there was a loud BANG that seemed to come from inside of the vault that is a mere ten feet from my desk. After recovering, I recalled a simular thing that happened in Signs...just before the hand reaches under the door there is a loud bang that still makes me jump even though I know it's about to happen...needless to say I didn't need any coffee the rest of the afternoon...

just curious...rate the following M. Knight movies from A+ to F

Sixth Sense

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

It's evillll...

I'm reminded of the last scene in "Time Bandits" when the little kid tries to warn his parents not to touch the "evil" remains of the exploded "bad guy"...something to the effect of "don't touch it...it's evil!" But, of course, they touch it and they explode (or something)...forgive me but it's been a while since I've seen the movie. In EG - 1 I explored evil in a very minimal sense. Sure, Senator Monical is bad...the Jade scientists are bad...but that's just it...every one of the "bad guys" in the first book aren't really evil, just...BAD...some are very, very bad. But none are pure evil! That is something that I explored in EG - 2. However, as I rework the rough draft, (and one certain painting...Justin, I think you know what I'm talking about) I am finding that one character is pure EVIL. It is quite interesting seeing this character as EVIL and not just BAD. There is, I feel, a significant difference between the two...and that can be very...scary, dramatic and...well...scary!!! I'll let you in on more later.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Tonight is going to be a great night to paint in the STUDIO...and speaking of art...I've added two character studies to the gallery. MICHAEL (finally) and a mysterious character name the MINISTER. I think Katy, Chrissie and Ken will know who the Minister is, but I can't really say much about him as he plays an important part in EG-3. So, you may ask, what am I painting tonight? Well, it's big (about 4ft x 8ft) and there is part of a detail HERE. The one on the left is a detail, only about a foot square of the entire painting. I'll tell you what you probably already know...it's of Silla...it's from EG-2...it might be sold already!!! How cool is that?!?!? The other drawing on the Art Page that you just viewed, was also sold (sort of) to fro. Actually I gave it to him for all of the work he has done for me with the JESTERS. Fro is a talented artist who should have his own web page up!!! He is also a very talented writer and will be on my edittttttting team for EG-2. Please...as a favor to me...I have my ediTTTTTTTTTTTing team picked out already...thanks for all of the offers but it's all taken care of. have a nice day and if you haven't already bought my book...BUY IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I HAVE TWO HUNGRY BOYS TO FEED!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It's over...the contest, that is...

If you won...and you know who you are...then you should be recieving your copy of Beyond (part 1).

Now, on to other things...part two is being editted and is looking good...much better than the original that K. and Bro read already...in fact...it should be quite a bit longer with all of the extra stuff I'm adding. Mitchum has a lot more to do in this version...oops...maybe said too much there.

How about some input on this one...I'm looking to find other ways to MARKET my book(s) and web page. Feel free to give me ideas...(that goes double for you John!).

Thursday, April 03, 2003


this is for those of you who bought book one...the first PART of EG-BEYOND is in the can and is going to be editted soon...however...you have the opportunity to read the uncut version. Simply respond with the name of the guy who wrote the "introduction" to EG - JOURNEY and you too can have a copy of EG - BEYOND part one sent to you!!!! But you must act now...only the first five to respond will get this limitted offer.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003


The new gallery is up and it will have more new stuff by the weekend!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


okay...so the gallery isn't up yet...not sure what's cookin' there. Should know soon...

Monday, March 31, 2003

A couple of things happened recently that prompted me to post this...

First of all a couple of people had interesting choices for Captain Derek Shelby...here is a line from Entropy Gate - Journey that might clear a few things up.

part one page 64..."This is Captain Derek Shelby, he'll be the flight controller," Joshua said and the dark skinned captain stood...

so that mean that Ray Liotta is out and so is Hugh Jackman...though Hugh does rock!

Also...I saw an interview with Leonard Nimoy the other day and thought he'd be a great face for Artimus...though Artimus is Japanese.

part one page 7...The man removed his glasses and Father Michael could see the ancient eyes of an Asian man.

Which drops Rutger Hauer...though Rutger would be good as Captain Peter Tambov (see the post below).

so...that should clear a few things up...I should also have the new and improved gallery up and running by tonight.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

So what's been happening, eh?

Here is a small section of dialog from ENTROPY GATE - BEYOND. It takes place on board one of the R.C.C. ships - the Gray Shadow.

Captain Peter Tambov hated the ship he was ordered to command. He had spent a month on board the R.C.C. Gray Shadow learning its systems and working closely with the scientists from Tranquility base as they prepared it for the voyage to the Entropy Sphere. There were ten Gray Shadow ships all equipped with the much-talked about, closely-guarded, artificial gravity. When Peter boarded the small craft and learned the truth of the new system he was ready to resign his commission. As feared by most scientists, an artificial gravity system was still a thing of the future to be dreamed about and theorized about. The Gray Shadow vessels had no rotating section and therefore were much smaller than the average S.E.R.F. exploration vessel. What passed as gravity and enabled the crew to walk on the floor was a series of very complicated electromagnetic coils in the floor boards and ceiling and body suits that were created out of a thin metal mesh encased in an artificial cotton material. The suit Tambov was required to wear was tight, awkward and restricted movement. He had the feeling of gravity, as his feet and body were pulled by the floor coils and pushed downwards by the oppositely charged ceiling coils, but he still felt that his insides were weightless.

Tambov, along with the rest of the crew, all shaved their heads, men and women alike, to keep their hair from drifting about.

"It's a rather ugly looking crew," Peter's first mate Alexander had said. "The women look like men now. The only thing uglier than a Russian woman with out hair is a Chinese woman without hair."

"You sound like a racist," Peter said as he ate his processed meal. The plates were magnetic and the food had a sticky consistency that kept it adhered to the dish. Drinks were still kept in bottles.

"I think the Chinese women look rather pretty without their hair," the doctor replied. He was an older gentleman and had served on several rotation ships. He too did not care for the Gray Shadow.

"You think all women are pretty," said Alexander.

"All women are," Dr. Mehov Logashkkino.

At that moment Dr. Lucy Williams-Matsushibishi entered with her colleague Yun Sing. Though most of the crew were Russian and spoke Russian, there were a few Chinese and they, along with expatriate Lucy Williams-Matsushibishi, could speak Russian as well as Chinese. Only the crew of scientists, referred to as the phase three team, spoke English and they kept to themselves most of the time.

"See," said Mehov, "two women, both beautiful."

"But Dr. Matsu isn't Russian or Chinese," said Alexander.

"I have an idea," said Lucy sarcastically to Alexander, "let's act like Yun and I are actually in the room."

"Apologies, Doctor," Mehov said. "I'm afraid that our first officer is still stuck in the twenty first century."

"I was just saying that we all look ugly with our heads shaved," Alexander said. "I meant no offense to either of you. I, for instance, had a great head of hair."

"So today we're complaining about hair," said Yun. "Yesterday it was the food, today it's no hair. Why must you always be so depressing at dinner?"

"We aren't depressing at dinner," said Alexander, "we're depressing all the time."

There was a light chuckle in the small room.

"As you all know," Captain Tambov said, "we are with in one day of the Venus Orb. S.E.R.F. will have several satellites and probes orbiting the small planetoid. It will give us the perfect opportunity to test the long range weapons of the Gray Shadow."

Monday, March 24, 2003

The Embassy performance is over...time to write!

Friday, March 21, 2003

What to expect in book two

So what happens? I'm not gonna tell you...But, I will let you know a few things. First, if you have not read all of JOURNEY, stop reading this and come back when you're done...there a re a few spoilers ahead...there...you've been warned. So..let's get into it. BEYOND is a three part book, like the first one, but it moves a lot faster. Part one "Reunions and Conflicts" covers a lot of the political fall out of Chen Mui's mission to Venus. It takes place roughly about the three months after Chen and the Orca returned home to Earth. Pkus we get to see what the Russian/China government is up to... Part two "Past and Present" starts from the moment that Michael comes to the bridge of the Orca and tells Derek that he and Silla are coming with them. Things get rather intense after they pass through the Gate. There is more of a dark, scary, feeling to the second part that was very fun to write. Part three "Faith and Revelations" is probably the most action packed story I have ever written. The last thirty pages of JOURNEY move rather quickly, but they are nothing compared to the two hundred or so pages of non stop action in BEYOND. I can't wait to edit them! Hang in there...October isn't too far away!...okay...actually it is...but hang in there any way!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Time warp...I guess

It's been a while since i posted anything and that is due mainly to the fact that this weekend I am having one of my plays performed at the Fort Wayne, Indiana Theater House, the EMBASSY. It's the same show as last month "Dr. Watson's Amazing Detective School"...but in a much larger, more professional venue. I am both excited and nervous. So what's new? Well, one of my students (Fro) lent me the six volume set of AKIRA. I'm on vol. 4, which has 394 pages of black and white illustrations, and I am totally into it!!!! The link above will take you to the movie site...but the six volume set of graphic novels is just incredible. Every award that it was nominated for, it won. Katsuhiro Otomo is a master story teller and the movie (though incredible) is like a spec compared to the world of AKIRA in print. I first saw the movie back in grad school at an animation fest. I was blown away. It totally changed my line of thinking re: story telling. I feel a rebirth of sorts now that I am reading the graphic novel. It is just amazing. But I ramble. Aside from the reading, the EMBASSY (and all that goes into that) I have also been editting and creating new artwork. I just reworked the Senator Monical painting and a rendition of Silla that I am very pleased with. So I've been busy. And another thing...I mentioned before (and someone asked) about Allesandro Bavari...the Italian CG master who had a one man show at the University I teach at...well...he wanted a copy of my book and yet he had no American dollars...so he just offered a trade...he is sending me a box set of his art work in post card form in exchange for my book...we did the dollar to euro exchange and I am getting the better end of the deal...I've decided to include a copy of my music as well...okay...time to make artwork...

Sunday, March 16, 2003

more art

I finished a drawing of Grace Monical last night around 11:00...very happy with it. As soon as I can get the camera I'll post it in the "new and improved" gallery that I've been working on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Been writing...a lot!

I have been editting Book Two now for some time and had something exciting happen yesterday...there was a part of the story that never quite flowed right for me...but then yesterday I recalled something that I had written in Book Three and I realized that it could bridge the gap...so now book two is going to be ten pages longer than it was intended...in fact...if this keeps happening book two could be a lot longer than book one. Looks like I have more time tomorrow to edit and write...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

as my four year old says...I got good news and I got bad news...

Good news...I had a lot of fun at the book signing at the Mocha Room and made a few connections.
Bad news...I didn't sell or sign nearly as much as I'd hoped to. Oh well, I will post some pictures soon. Also, as stated earlier, I am updating the "gallery" page with some of the latest works.

Friday, March 07, 2003

This has been fun...however, as I was discussing "fantasy casting" with a friend, I was altering an image of Bijou Philips (who John thought would be good as Silla) and it occured to me that one of the things I wanted on the main site was a "fan" gallery...yes, yes, I know, Jakes graphic novel isn't even up yet. I'M WORKING ON IT!!! sorry...long day at work...haven't been writing...must write...must make art...must breath...must stop writing as if intending...William...Shater...reading...my blog to a...host of...eager...young...trekkers. Okay...so I'm accepting images from you people of original drawings, painting, etc... (yes, altered photoshop images are okay as long as you reference your sources!)...when I recieve enough I'll make a gallery to display them. Also, the gallery of my art will be undergoing some changes as I have added several images to the "world of Entropy Gate". I will also have images of the book signing that I'll post after this weekend. Look for them on Monday!

Later...time to paint!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Movie time

Some one asked me once..."who would play your characters if ENTROPY GATE was made into a movie?" I'm not sure...If you've read the book, you may have an idea...

Copy and paste with your input.

Chen Mui
Michael Conelly
David Franke
Senator Grace Monical
Don Mui
Will Kensel
Derek Shelby
Jorgen Rousen

God and Science Fiction part two

In one of my favorite episodes of Babylon 5, a Monk is asked by the Mimbari Ambassador what is the most important part of his religion. The Monk thinks it over briefly and then replies that it is the point in time where Jesus is in the garden of Gesthemene and he hears the men approaching to take him away to be brutally tortured and killed. The Monk goes on to speak of temptation and faith and courage...it's an amazing speech that he gives, but what is even more amazing is that the story was written by J. Michael Straczynski...an atheist!

I had become so sick and tired of "Christians" being the bad guys on TV and movies that it came as a bit of a shock when I saw that episode and realized that Christianity was not being lampooned, distorted or put down. I can think of several movies, and I bet you can too, where the villain is a "Christian". The real shame is that some of the movies are really entertaining...or at least they could be if it wasn't for the fact that my beliefs are the driving force behind the villain's insanity, his killing sprees or his megalomania.

So here's the way I look at it. I very easily could have written a novel that had no mention of God or any of my beliefs. I could have had the heroes be brave men and women who continually beat the odds and the bad guys because they are resilient and strong and powerful and...well, you get the idea. But that's not me. That's not the way I try to live my life. If JMS can write such an honest and insightful story about my beliefs, can't I at least attempt to do the same?
Signing on Saturday

It looks like everything is set for Saturday's book signing at the Mocha Room. I'll be there from 2:00 - 4:00 on the 8th but the books will be there the entire month of March. If all goes as planned I'll post "God and Science Fiction part two" this afternoon.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

I have assembled the work for the Mocha Room show and it goes as follows...

1. Abigail (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
2. la Mort de la Lumier (a poster for the ballet that David Franke’s wife performed in New Orleans)
3. Michael Connelly (finally)
4. Artimus (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
5. Will Kensel (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
6. Abigail in Rain (just finished it tonight)
7. Chen Mui 1 (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
8. Chen Mui 2 (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
9. Silla (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
10. Sister (from a story told by Silla in EG2)
11. Jerrod (the leader of a group of renegade hyclones in EG3)
12. The Minister (a mysterious “preacher-man” who appears in EG3)

Thursday, February 27, 2003


I had a few people get concerned when they heard about the CD and the broken finger and the artwork and my job...don't worry, I'm still working furiously on Entropy Gate - Beyond. The music was created last year...I didn't spend that much time putting it together. The finger is doing much better (a finger brace and vicadin seems to be doing the trick...in fact I've gone two days without the brace) The artwork I usually do between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am (most of my writing is during lunch or early in the morning) and my job...well...pressure is easing up and spring break is nearing!
God and Science Fiction part one

Katy asked why I didn’t include Star Trek in my top 10 items that inspired me with my book…I was already planning on giving a detailed post as to why Star Wars and not Star Trek, but her question has caused me to post now instead of this weekend as intended.

First and foremost let me state that I like Star Trek a LOT! With the exception of the latest I have seen every Star Trek movie in the theater with my father. My job got crazy and by the time things mellowed out it was gone…I have high hopes that it will return to one of the dollar cinemas or the Cinema Grill (more on those two places later).

At the heart of the four Entropy Gate books is religion. Not just my own (Christianity) but many religions. In my stories, there are true followers of Christ’s teachings and there are those who distort the teachings. There are atheists and there are fanatics (just wait until book two for some wild ones) that are sprinkled throughout. In fact, one of my favorite characters in the story is David Franke…he just happens to be an atheist. So yeah, I wanted religion to be a strong component in the book…

Which leads me to Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune, etc…In Star Wars, there is a god-like-oversoul-powerthinging-that “surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together,” to quote Yoda. And it gets people thinking about good and evil, religion and God. That’s cool! In Dune we see radical fanaticism surrounding the prophecy of a messiah who would lead the Fremen on their Jihad. And boy do things get wacky there…worm worship, Spice parties, death, destruction, religious hysteria, you name it! But in Star Trek we have…what? Man has accomplished so much on his own and is (to quote Patrick Stewart’s Captain quoting Shakespeare) “how like a god!” Trek is all about man’s accomplishments on his own. The only time we see religion is when it is used to control a group or race of na├»ve people. Star Trek rocks, but there isn’t a spiritual side to it that inspired me like Dune and Star Wars did.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

CD cover with song list

Click here for a first look at the CD cover...
I'm working on the CD cover...hopefully I'll have it ready to post on my site by noon.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Comic book stuff...

As a teacher, I always like to see what is inspiring my students. Well this morning one of my students had a comic book called "Alita-Battle Angel - Last Order". The artwork is fantastic and the story is enjoyable. But I was struck by something...one of the characters is named David Frank...and in my book one of the characters is named David Franke...just a curious sort of thing.

Friday, February 21, 2003


It looks like March 8th is the date for the Mocha Room show in Decatur...


I reviewed some of my "musical" choices for the CD and have decided on 18 tracks instead of 20...I'll have the info and images of the CD jewel case posted soon...still messing around with a final design.

Thursday, February 20, 2003


I just finished the last mix of the Entropy Gate CD...it will be on sale (for the first time) at the Mocha Room in Decatur during my show and book signing. So what is the CD? you might ask...it's a collection of songs that I wrote to keep me on track when I was working on the first book. The CDs have 20 songs and will sell for $6.00.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Top 10 things that inspired me (creatively) as I wrote Entropy Gate

1. My wife
2. My father who got me hooked on Science Fiction
3. Babylon 5
4. Music by Christopher Franke
5. Images from the Hubble
6. Those who were reading the manuscript daily and urging me to continue
7. The artwork I was producing based on the story
8. Directors commentaries on DVDs...it's great to hear how other creative minds work
9. Star Wars
10. Dune (the books)

Art page 2 is up and features two works that will be on dislpay in Decatur next month.

Sunday, February 16, 2003


Exhale...the performance is over and it was a huge success!

So now it's time to get back to promoting my book and artwork. We are still waiting for the second shipment of books (they are about a week late) and I have already sold 15 from that bunch. We'll be contacting some other publishers in the next week or so to see if we can start getting the book in stores. Tonight seems like a good night to get into the studio and I have some paper all ready to go. And speaking of paper...someone asked me the other day what kind of paper I use. Since I'm using oil pastels with a paint thinner wash, the color soaks into the paper and the only way to erase is with sand paper. I needed something strong and thick and have found that Strathmore 3ply bristol with a vellum surface is about the best. I get my paper and most of my supplies at United Art and Education. More on that later...

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Things are a bit crazy right now...

I haven't posted in a while because this weekend is our big performance. What big performance you might ask? The JESTERS performance of "Dr. Watson's Amazing Detective School"...that performance. The JESTERS are a group of children-with-special-needs who perform musicals. This musical is the nineth play that I have written and the eighth one to be performed. The JESTERS are performing this weekend at the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, Indiana) to a sold out theater. However, on March 23, they will be performing again at the EMBASSY in downtown Fort Wayne. I will have more updates and links in the following days.


Sunday Feb. 16th I will begin a massive promo campaign for the book as we eagerly await the second run of 100. We already have sold 15 from the second run and that is without any real promoting.

Sunday, February 09, 2003


My wife was looking at the ART PAGEand stated that Silla looked kind of creepy...like she was sick or something. Well, for those of you who have ready the book you should know why she might look "ill" in EG - Beyond. If you haven't finished reading the first book, read no further...spoiler alert...since Silla, Michael, Derek and Mitchum all have "entropy syndrome" they all experience some sickness, though Silla experiences much more than the others because of who she is...biologically that is. Her biology and origins will play a major part in Beyond.

Saturday, February 08, 2003


I'm not quite sure how this will affect my artwork, but i just broke my right-hand ring finger at work today...since I teach art, this might pose a problem...

Friday, February 07, 2003


Okay...I've added to the web page and you can link directly to the new ART PAGE. This will be an ongoing feature that will keep those-of-you-who-want-to-know updated on "Entropy Gate" art work.

I am working on a page that will be devoted to new "Entropy Gate Art". I am also working on a "fan" page as well, though I imagine it will be a while before that takes off. Also, for those of you who have asked, Jake's graphic novel will be posted towards the end of Feb. Go here to check out the title page...

This is a great company for self publishing. They are quick, professional and easy to work with. If you have ever thought about selp publishing, give them a look.

Thursday, February 06, 2003


There are six paintings in the gallery that will be on display in March at the Mocha Room in Decatur, Indiana. I have a total of 15 in the series and I'll be adding to the gallery shortly. By the way, all of the paintings are for sale.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Well now...that was odd...

I came across the original first few chapters of EG-J...wow-glad I changed everything...Chen was not a member of S.E.R.F., but an explorer who was looking into myths (i.e. lara croft/indiana jones) and was checking out the site of the Ark...Noah's...not the one in "Raiders"...anyhow, she's freezing herself on mount Arat (did I spell that right) when she gets a call that she is needed on the Orca to help solve a mystery on Venus...her second passion is Venus geology...Michael wasn't even a priest and David is actually the captain of the Orca. I think I like the new version much better...but hey, I had to start somewhere...

For those of you who were asking (through the web site feedback)...there will be some new wall paper designs soon...if all goes as planned. I have a few designs for "Entropy Gate - Beyond", but I think I'll hang on to those a little longer. There is a chance that I might post Chapter One of EG - B very soon just to let you know what direction it takes...remember, I said a "chance"...I'm still not sure if it's a good idea.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Well...We have ordered another 100 copies. The sales are going much better than expected!!! So far, the most interesting (and furthest we'll have to ship a copy) is to the Italian artist Allesandro Bavari...who, well, resides in Italy. He has requested a copy of the novel...anyone know how to convert twelve American dollars into Italian...what, Euros? Anyway, feedback has been positive, sales happenin' and I'm getting the urge to create some more artwork based on the series...I'd better since the show is coming up soon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Just the other day someone asked how many books we had sold...as of today (1/28/03) we have sold 90 copies. We started selling on 1/15/03! Needless to say I am a little excited...Also...coming in March...I will be having a showing of my "Entropy Gate" inspired art work at the MOCHA ROOM (a very cool coffee shop) in (of all places) Decatur, Indiana. I should have about ten original paintings and some work from the VOW OF THE SWORD artist Jake. I will be signing copies of the book, though I'm not sure of the exact date yet. If all goes as planned I will have some of the "Entropy Gate" inspired music for sale as well.