Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Many months ago I had posted info about BATTLE ANGEL ALITA and said that she seemed to be like Silla from Entropy Gate. Now I read this from Darworlds.com

NEXT CAMERON PROJECT: The DARK HORIZONS website reports that James Cameron’s next project is entitled BATTLE ANGEL ALITA. “He's been scripting it for several years, the lead character will be a total CGI-character and that he's implementing some new 3D cameras that he's used on his ALIENS OF THE DEEP (documentary). It's estimated to take a year and a half to complete but no time-tables or casting has yet happened.”

Monday, November 22, 2004


The first comissioned book cover is done and sent off to the publisher. Every time I design a new cover for someone else it gives me ideas for my own cover. Obviously when my book gets published there will be a new design. The chances that I would be asked to design my own cover is slim...it would be really interesting to see what some other artist would do with my book cover.