Friday, August 20, 2004


Okay, what's going on with me? Ever since I can remember I've always liked storms. As a child I use to watch storms with my dog Mindy. I enjoyed rowing our small boat on my paren't pond during high winds and thunderous cloud bursts. I even bought a CD of rain storms anout eight years ago. When I didn't have a TV after college, my most entertaining evenings were those spent in my small, one room apartment watching thurderstorms. seems I have this thing for storms...One of my favorite scenes in Babylon 5 is when Sheridan is telling Dellen that as a young man in the academy he couldn't sleep until his father sprayed water on the roof from a hose so that it sounded like Entropy Gate stories have a great deal of rain in them as well, especially Entropy Gate - Beyond...

During my last year at work I found that I was depressed most of the time...on those rare ocassions when it rained I actually was able to come up out of my, strangely, it seems like extended periods of sunshine depress me.

Yeah, I know, weirdo! Or maybe not. Thoughts? Input? Suggestions?

Monday, August 16, 2004

Redesign almost done...

The redesign of my web site (you'll recall I lost the original redesign when my brief case was stolen from the University) is almsot complete. Just a few areas to tweek and it's good to go. I'm still looking for a less expensive way to get it going, however. I guess $30.00 / a month isn't horrible, but I think there should be a better way...ideas? suggestions?