Monday, June 21, 2004


Yes, after quitting my job, I have been so inspire to create art work and write, it makes me realize how unhealthy my job really was. Entropy Gate - Darkness Aftermath is rockin'! I have about ten new drawings that will be posted on the relaunched website in July...they are all based on characters and settings in the D.A. universe. For the first time in my writing-life I am creating a stroy based entirely on the drawings that I am producing. Usually I produce drawings and paintings of characters and locations in the story to help me understand the 'look' of the person or scene. Now, however, I am writing totally on the drawings that I am is a fantastic feeling and I'm totally pumped. That on top of the fact that I am about five days from copmpleting the final edit of Entropy Gate - Journey! Just about ready to hit the real world with it and start looking for an agent! WHOO HOO!