Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Just got back from Scribes (the local writer's guild) where I read a bit of Chapter one of the first a lot of positive feedback. In fact, one of the people who is reading my book and is herself published, said that i should clean it up a bit (the same old thing I have mentioned many times) and then try to get it published in some mainstream publishing house! Now that's encouraging.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Now that was a bit of a surprise...

A while ago I listed things that inspired me when working on the Entropy Gate series...I just finished watching the 1979 (would you believe it?) Walt Disney movie THE BLACK HOLE. It's on DVD and it's available here. Is it great? it worth watching? YES!!! Great ideas, incredible effects (Star Wars had 13 matte paintings, BH had 150...for those who are interested in that sort of thing). Frankly, I like Star Wars a lot better...but...BH inspired me in ways that I had not realized until I sat down tonight and watched it. There are some images that were key in BH that have shown up in either EG writing or art work. It really is interesting what we put in our blenders that eventually float to the top and "seem" original. Now, there are few web sites for fact, I did a quick google search and the best one was here. The author of this site clearly hated the movie and has spent a a bit of energy slamming it...I don't know where people find the time to create web site with the singular intent of critisizing something that most people aren't even aware of...oh well...back to writing.

Monday, May 12, 2003 do i put links on my blog to others bloggers...anyone?

Sunday, May 11, 2003

And now an update from the studio...

The artwork is just exploding! I am compiling a "sketchbook" of ideas and images. I am also working on many new works...some have electronics and moving parts in is all very exciting! I hope to have some images soon to post on the web site...