Saturday, November 20, 2004


The first book cover is almost finished. I sent it off to the publisher and she sent it to the author. Both loved it and it was only about 80% finished. The title of the book is MINDLING - Encounters within Inner Space. Hopefully I'll have permission to post these various book covers on the web site...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Special thanks to my brother (ken) for redoing my blog! You can finally leave comments again. Its been a while since last I blogged so lets get caught up.

The book is edited, the querry letter written, the outline finished and the synopsis is almost ready to be sent out. Kristi has been finding literary agents that will accept first time authors. She has found quite a few and we are psyched.

The Entropy Gate Web Site redux will go up next week because we will be including it in the packet that we'll be sending out. Look for it next friday!

I have been commissioned to create some book covers for a publishing company and a few weeks ago I was at a party where I did about 50 caricatures in a little over four hours. Other than that I've just been sketching a lot.

Saw the teaser for STAR WARS. PSYCHED!!! Saw The Incredibles...a 10 if there ever was one. What a fantastic ride. It was nice taking the boys to a 'family' film that was truely a FAMILY film. The sly little winks and inuendo of the Shrek films has always bothered me. The Incredibles was clean and entertaining!