Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Someone asked about the four books in the trilogy...er, quadrilogy...Why four...why not three or why not go the route of the left behind series and have a 147 books, or how ever many they have now...

Well, to be honest, when the book sells and if it really takes off (giving me time to write more) I do have other stories to tell. Here is the full list in chronological order of events...

(asterix implies the original 4)

Entropy Gate - First Gates (I wrote this two years ago during the Nov. write-athon)
Entropy Gate - Journey*
Entropy Gate - Beyond*
Entropy Gate - Repercussions*
Darkness Aftermath
Entropy Gate - Return*

Monday, August 01, 2005

Just got another rejection slip for the Entropy Gate manuscript. It was humorous in the fact that the first line of the letter was "I am sorry that this is a form letter...I hate getting them and hate sending them..." They all ready had their maximum manuscripts for the year and were no longer accepting any.

No sweat...there,s more out there...