Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Four out of four stars for the MATRIX! Great movie with great plot twists, some fine acting and (of course) great special effects. I have heard so many critics say that movies these days rely too much on special effects and not enough on story...well that is not true with this movie. If you eliminated the SPFX and CGI from this movie (or eve removed just a few of the scenes) it would be akin to removing horses from a western. They are part of the film and not just eye candy! However...I do have one minor complaint...don't worry, I won't spoil anything...at one point there is this huge festival in ZION and everyone is dancing to a "stomp" like percussion group in a very MTV-1990s-sort-of-dance-club-way complete with slow-mo dolly shots of young, wet-shirted men and women...it seemed so out of place...but hey, that only lasts a few minutes and then it's back to the story with a great bit of dialog between Neo and one of the Elders. The only other complaint is the music during the end credits...normally I always stay for credits...however, the garbage that was exploding from the speakers would have been enough to drive me from the theater except for the fact that I knew that there were previews to Matrix 3 after the credits finished. I'm ready for REVOLUTIONS.