Thursday, July 08, 2004

so...where is the new and improved web site?

Several things have happened that have kept me from getting the new site up and running...though technically I did say it would launch in July...not July 1...first off is's tight right now! Second, the University cleaned out my office and my files! Fortunately they backed everything up and I now have my images for the web site...third, is money...fourth is time and fith is money...but fear not...I believe that the job situation will improve by tuesday!

As far as my writing goes, I am editing (still) Entropy Gate - Journey (what a long freakin' book) and I'm working on Darkness Aftermath. Got lots of new artwork too...which, btw, I sold two paintings recently!Also, I have designed a book cover for M. L. Rigdon's new novel "Beyond the Dark Moutains"...hopefully I'll get that image up soon.