Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just got off the phone with Becky from church. She finished reading book two Of the series and gave it 'thumbs up'. One of my concerns in writing Science Fiction was that I not isolate women. I've known several women who like Star Wars or Star Trek or Firefly or Galactica...but I wanted to make sure that my stuff was 'women-friendly' and according to Becky, it is. Becky is a very well read woman of plus 30 age and she has read all of Denise's works (and, like myself, loves Denise's writing). So for her to like my stories, I'm flattered! Book two is edited...on to book three...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, today was my birthday, even tho we celebrated over the weekend with the arrival of a WACOM. It's been fun to use. Anyway, my birthday went off as usual and I shall chronicle it here. First off, one of the places I work always gives out birthday cards to the profs and instructors in the department. For the fifth year in a row, they have neglected to give me a card.

But the cool thing is the dinner. Every year I request the same thing and my fantastic wife comes through. Here is the menu...

Steak (marinaded in wine, soy sauce and Italian Dressing for several hours). I then cook it to a rare, reddish color (basically I walk the steak to the back yard and wave it in front of the grill). There is salad. I also have a bottle of Cabernet. And of course there is freshly baked bread. But the final touch is the home made Blueberry cream pie. OH YES!!! Turning 40 aint so bad!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last Tuesday I started feeling bad...actually, the feeling started on Sunday, but I have a tendency to ignore illness, pain, small badgers, I trudged ahead. But then, Tuesday I had no coffee...because it didn't sound good. That should have been my first warning. Then, no appetite. Then high fevers 102, 103,...sweats, cold spells, a desire to watch Bob Ross! It was maddening! From Tuesday night to Friday night I slept only for short spurts of time (a spurt being increments of 5-7 minutes). So at one time I had slept for many spurts...that would be one and a half hours. That was the most at one time. I became cranky and irritable. Yes, there is a significant difference between the two.

Horizon...cue sunrise music...

Today we celebrated my 40th birthday a few days early and my wonderful wife surprised me with a WACOM tablet. If this means nothing to you, don't worry...but if you understand what a WACOM is, well, let me tell you, it's a 6 x 8 in and it has all the bells and whistles a guy could hope for! Once my computer gets upgraded (Monday by my brother) the artwork should come spewing forth!

ps. Kristi-the-fantastic (as I shall call her now) also got me FIREFLY the DVD box set for Valentines day! Be envious!