Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last Tuesday I started feeling bad...actually, the feeling started on Sunday, but I have a tendency to ignore illness, pain, small badgers, I trudged ahead. But then, Tuesday I had no coffee...because it didn't sound good. That should have been my first warning. Then, no appetite. Then high fevers 102, 103,...sweats, cold spells, a desire to watch Bob Ross! It was maddening! From Tuesday night to Friday night I slept only for short spurts of time (a spurt being increments of 5-7 minutes). So at one time I had slept for many spurts...that would be one and a half hours. That was the most at one time. I became cranky and irritable. Yes, there is a significant difference between the two.

Horizon...cue sunrise music...

Today we celebrated my 40th birthday a few days early and my wonderful wife surprised me with a WACOM tablet. If this means nothing to you, don't worry...but if you understand what a WACOM is, well, let me tell you, it's a 6 x 8 in and it has all the bells and whistles a guy could hope for! Once my computer gets upgraded (Monday by my brother) the artwork should come spewing forth!

ps. Kristi-the-fantastic (as I shall call her now) also got me FIREFLY the DVD box set for Valentines day! Be envious!

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