Thursday, October 14, 2004

STAR WARS revisited part 2

I have talked to so many people that say the "new" Star Wars movies don't live up to the classics. Usually these are 'kids' who weren't even born during the release of "A New Hope". When you look at the first SW film it seems amazing because it had never really been done before. I remember thinking that it was the fastest moving movie I had ever seen. But then Raiders of the Lost Ark came out and that seemed even faster. But if you look at either film now, they both move rather slowly compared to any current fast paced movie. So George is now competing with current movies as well as the classic Star Wars movies and the preconceived notion of how wonderful the originals were...(and they were wonderful). Sure the dialog in the current films might seem a bit cheesy at times, but remember, a certain future Jedi once whined, "But I was going to go into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters."

What George has managed to do is create a series of fun movies (and he even admits himself that some of the fans try to make these films deeper than they are) that I can watch with my kids. Little, if no cursing. Comic book-like action/violence (come on the Road Runner and Tom and Jerry were far more violent than any Star Wars movie). And no sex...though every so often George likes to flash skin...ST 2 had a deleted scene with Amadalia showing more torso than she did in the 'gladiator' fight. ST 6 (redo) had more skin (blue green and white) showing in Jabba's entertainment hall than Princess Leah showed in her slave garb...

My only concern about episode 3 is that it could be quite dark and violent...not that I mind, but my boys might have to wait a few years.