Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Last night I began some of the rewrite of the end of part 3...it's rockin'. I should be able to get more done tonight after I finish the mural I started last week, finish the book cover I am working on for a fellow Scribe and change the oil in the van...it too is experiencing it's own journey through entropy...

Sunday, June 29, 2003

And so it begins...

That's right, I'm quoting G'kar from Babylon 5...but I just realized something tonight...I am eight pages away from finishing the editing of Beyond!!! Then, I have about 20 pages to write...if all goes as planned, I will be done by Friday!!! Then, I print off part 2 and 3 and read through, make corrections, edittttttttttt and stuff and by one week from friday, start printing off copies to send to my editors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contest update part 1

Yes, there will be a contest for those of you who have part 1 and 2...hang in there.

Contest update part 2

I am designing the cover for Entropy Gate - Beyond...I will post the final three images soon and hope to get votes as to which of the three is the best. The winner will recieve a copy of Entropy Gate - Journey (if you don't have it yet) plus, Entropy Gate - Beyond (and there's more) a CD of the music, plus (added bonus here) a copy of the "EG sketch book that will go on sale next year at the ART SHOW!!!! Vote early, vote often
Do I compromise my faith when I talk to people?

Yeah...unfortunately, sometimes I do...and that ain't good. I was hopping around the internet and found this about Mel Gibson and his movie Passion. I've been following the controversy surrounding this project for some time and it is truely an inspiration. For those of you unfamiliar with it, here is the lowdown. Mel has been working on a movie based on the last 12 days of Christ's life. The images I have seen so far are very powerful. He is wanting it to portray accurately the life of Jesus as the son of God. He has (naturally) become the target of Hollywood lefties and anti-christians all over. If he was making a movie on the life of any other spiritual leader (non-christian that is) you better believe that no one in Hollywood would be complaining. Or if he was making a movie that was anti-Jesus he would be getting support from critics all over...just look at The Last Temptation of Christ. (note: I really like almost everything Martin S. has directed...just not Last Temp....I also like just about every actor in that movie as well...but I'm off target here)...in Last Temp. Jesus is a whimp, Peter is an idiot, John the Baptist is a loony, Satan is a gas-powered flame and Judas is about the only likable person in the entire film. Naturally the brainless wonders in Hollywood would like it...so...what has this to do with Entropy Gate? Mel is stating up front that he was inspired by God to make this movie and he has no problem stating his faith in the Christian God and saying such things as "the Holy Spirit inspired me". My stories EG 1-4 are Sci-fi, but they also carry an important message that I hope is not...

a. too preachy
b. lost in all of the action and adventure
c. untruthful

A few times I have awkwardly explained the theology of the books as if I was worried that saying "it's about God" would harm the sales...well, if God inspired me, and I believe he has, then it's God's story and I'm just the instrument...that means I better be listening and better be on target and better not compromise!