Friday, June 20, 2008

writing under the shadow of GALACTICA

I've been working on a new story, as posted below. It's a different type of story for me (as I will explain in a moment) but I am finding it difficult to write while such a fantastic show like GALACTICA is running. The writing is some of the best there is on TV and every week I feel as if I watched a great novel play out on my TV.

My new story takes place on a large space craft, though much more different than a BATTLESTAR. There is an ensemble cast but I've decided to break the story up into three how is that different than my other stories that are broken into three parts? I will 'splain. Part one takes place on one end of the ship. A tragedy happens and they become separated from the other half of the ship. Part two is the exact same story but told from the view point of the other end of the ship...this ship is over two miles long, btw. Part three takes place when the two halves of the ship are reunited...should be fun.