Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Monica Rocks!

So what the heck does Monica Bellucci (star of Matrix and Tears of the Sun among others) have to do with Entropy Gate? One thing, really...I am basing a painting of a character from the series on an image I found of M.B. But...I also think she is a fantastic actress and I respect what she has said re: women...

"I'm flattered if men say they appreciate me. I like doors being opened for me, and I appreciate it when men make a fuss. This is not to reject women's rights - because I'm free and independent. It's just facing facts. That's just the way it is," Bellucci chimed.

The actress also pointed out the hypocrisy of so many modern women who describe themselves as feminists. "I've never been frightened of being a real woman. It might seem old fashioned, but I think many men want to see real women with full figures. They don't want skin and bone, yet all the time actresses try to be thinner than thin. In America, if a man tells a woman she's beautiful, the woman might be full of plastic surgery, work out two hours a day and spend a fortune on cosmetics and clothes. Then the woman gets offended because she's being treated like a piece of meat."

If you have not Seen "Tears of the Sun" it today...better it on DVD...

I'll post the painting when it's finished.