Saturday, March 01, 2003

I have assembled the work for the Mocha Room show and it goes as follows...

1. Abigail (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
2. la Mort de la Lumier (a poster for the ballet that David Franke’s wife performed in New Orleans)
3. Michael Connelly (finally)
4. Artimus (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
5. Will Kensel (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
6. Abigail in Rain (just finished it tonight)
7. Chen Mui 1 (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
8. Chen Mui 2 (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
9. Silla (as seen at the gallery section of the web page)
10. Sister (from a story told by Silla in EG2)
11. Jerrod (the leader of a group of renegade hyclones in EG3)
12. The Minister (a mysterious “preacher-man” who appears in EG3)

Thursday, February 27, 2003


I had a few people get concerned when they heard about the CD and the broken finger and the artwork and my job...don't worry, I'm still working furiously on Entropy Gate - Beyond. The music was created last year...I didn't spend that much time putting it together. The finger is doing much better (a finger brace and vicadin seems to be doing the fact I've gone two days without the brace) The artwork I usually do between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am (most of my writing is during lunch or early in the morning) and my job...well...pressure is easing up and spring break is nearing!
God and Science Fiction part one

Katy asked why I didn’t include Star Trek in my top 10 items that inspired me with my book…I was already planning on giving a detailed post as to why Star Wars and not Star Trek, but her question has caused me to post now instead of this weekend as intended.

First and foremost let me state that I like Star Trek a LOT! With the exception of the latest I have seen every Star Trek movie in the theater with my father. My job got crazy and by the time things mellowed out it was gone…I have high hopes that it will return to one of the dollar cinemas or the Cinema Grill (more on those two places later).

At the heart of the four Entropy Gate books is religion. Not just my own (Christianity) but many religions. In my stories, there are true followers of Christ’s teachings and there are those who distort the teachings. There are atheists and there are fanatics (just wait until book two for some wild ones) that are sprinkled throughout. In fact, one of my favorite characters in the story is David Franke…he just happens to be an atheist. So yeah, I wanted religion to be a strong component in the book…

Which leads me to Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune, etc…In Star Wars, there is a god-like-oversoul-powerthinging-that “surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together,” to quote Yoda. And it gets people thinking about good and evil, religion and God. That’s cool! In Dune we see radical fanaticism surrounding the prophecy of a messiah who would lead the Fremen on their Jihad. And boy do things get wacky there…worm worship, Spice parties, death, destruction, religious hysteria, you name it! But in Star Trek we have…what? Man has accomplished so much on his own and is (to quote Patrick Stewart’s Captain quoting Shakespeare) “how like a god!” Trek is all about man’s accomplishments on his own. The only time we see religion is when it is used to control a group or race of na├»ve people. Star Trek rocks, but there isn’t a spiritual side to it that inspired me like Dune and Star Wars did.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

CD cover with song list

Click here for a first look at the CD cover...
I'm working on the CD cover...hopefully I'll have it ready to post on my site by noon.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Comic book stuff...

As a teacher, I always like to see what is inspiring my students. Well this morning one of my students had a comic book called "Alita-Battle Angel - Last Order". The artwork is fantastic and the story is enjoyable. But I was struck by of the characters is named David Frank...and in my book one of the characters is named David Franke...just a curious sort of thing.