Friday, April 11, 2003

Tonight is going to be a great night to paint in the STUDIO...and speaking of art...I've added two character studies to the gallery. MICHAEL (finally) and a mysterious character name the MINISTER. I think Katy, Chrissie and Ken will know who the Minister is, but I can't really say much about him as he plays an important part in EG-3. So, you may ask, what am I painting tonight? Well, it's big (about 4ft x 8ft) and there is part of a detail HERE. The one on the left is a detail, only about a foot square of the entire painting. I'll tell you what you probably already's of's from might be sold already!!! How cool is that?!?!? The other drawing on the Art Page that you just viewed, was also sold (sort of) to fro. Actually I gave it to him for all of the work he has done for me with the JESTERS. Fro is a talented artist who should have his own web page up!!! He is also a very talented writer and will be on my edittttttting team for EG-2. a favor to me...I have my ediTTTTTTTTTTTing team picked out already...thanks for all of the offers but it's all taken care of. have a nice day and if you haven't already bought my book...BUY IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I HAVE TWO HUNGRY BOYS TO FEED!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It's over...the contest, that is...

If you won...and you know who you are...then you should be recieving your copy of Beyond (part 1).

Now, on to other things...part two is being editted and is looking good...much better than the original that K. and Bro read should be quite a bit longer with all of the extra stuff I'm adding. Mitchum has a lot more to do in this version...oops...maybe said too much there.

How about some input on this one...I'm looking to find other ways to MARKET my book(s) and web page. Feel free to give me ideas...(that goes double for you John!).