Friday, March 21, 2003

What to expect in book two

So what happens? I'm not gonna tell you...But, I will let you know a few things. First, if you have not read all of JOURNEY, stop reading this and come back when you're done...there a re a few spoilers've been warned. So..let's get into it. BEYOND is a three part book, like the first one, but it moves a lot faster. Part one "Reunions and Conflicts" covers a lot of the political fall out of Chen Mui's mission to Venus. It takes place roughly about the three months after Chen and the Orca returned home to Earth. Pkus we get to see what the Russian/China government is up to... Part two "Past and Present" starts from the moment that Michael comes to the bridge of the Orca and tells Derek that he and Silla are coming with them. Things get rather intense after they pass through the Gate. There is more of a dark, scary, feeling to the second part that was very fun to write. Part three "Faith and Revelations" is probably the most action packed story I have ever written. The last thirty pages of JOURNEY move rather quickly, but they are nothing compared to the two hundred or so pages of non stop action in BEYOND. I can't wait to edit them! Hang in there...October isn't too far away!...okay...actually it is...but hang in there any way!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Time warp...I guess

It's been a while since i posted anything and that is due mainly to the fact that this weekend I am having one of my plays performed at the Fort Wayne, Indiana Theater House, the EMBASSY. It's the same show as last month "Dr. Watson's Amazing Detective School"...but in a much larger, more professional venue. I am both excited and nervous. So what's new? Well, one of my students (Fro) lent me the six volume set of AKIRA. I'm on vol. 4, which has 394 pages of black and white illustrations, and I am totally into it!!!! The link above will take you to the movie site...but the six volume set of graphic novels is just incredible. Every award that it was nominated for, it won. Katsuhiro Otomo is a master story teller and the movie (though incredible) is like a spec compared to the world of AKIRA in print. I first saw the movie back in grad school at an animation fest. I was blown away. It totally changed my line of thinking re: story telling. I feel a rebirth of sorts now that I am reading the graphic novel. It is just amazing. But I ramble. Aside from the reading, the EMBASSY (and all that goes into that) I have also been editting and creating new artwork. I just reworked the Senator Monical painting and a rendition of Silla that I am very pleased with. So I've been busy. And another thing...I mentioned before (and someone asked) about Allesandro Bavari...the Italian CG master who had a one man show at the University I teach at...well...he wanted a copy of my book and yet he had no American he just offered a trade...he is sending me a box set of his art work in post card form in exchange for my book...we did the dollar to euro exchange and I am getting the better end of the deal...I've decided to include a copy of my music as well...okay...time to make artwork...

Sunday, March 16, 2003

more art

I finished a drawing of Grace Monical last night around 11:00...very happy with it. As soon as I can get the camera I'll post it in the "new and improved" gallery that I've been working on.